Every home in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs should have a deadlock. Deadlocks provide high-level protection and are extremely resistant against thieves. They will also give you a better price from your home and contents insurance provider. Therefore, having deadlocks in your home in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs is highly recommended.

What’s a deadlock?

A deadlock is a type of lock requiring a key to unlock from either side. There are a number of different deadlocks, however, the key to identifying one is that they do not operate with a spring to hold the bolt in place. Rather, it has a key lock cylinder, which must rotate to unlock.

The benefits deadlocking your home in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs

Of course, deadlocks will provide better home and contents insurance rates, however, they also have a variety of other benefits. In order for someone to enter, they would need to use a great amount of force to break the lock. Additionally, deadlocks are far more difficult to pick when compared to the standard spring bolted lock.

Another benefit that many users appreciate is that the deadlock will not automatically lock when the door is closed. How many times have you accidentally locked yourself out because the door automatically locked behind you? With a deadlock, that would no longer be a concern.

Lastly, should someone enter your Melbourne home through the window, if a deadlock is in place, they would need the key in order to exit. As deadlocks require a key for both sides, it becomes highly difficult for anyone to enter in or exit out of your home without the key.


Should you have a double-cylinder deadlock, and you need to leave the house quickly, you must be prepared. Deadlocks require a key, and if there is an emergency i.e. a fire you must always know where the key for the lock is to ensure you can exit easily and quickly.

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