Automotive Locksmith

Our cars are constantly becoming more integrated in our lives.   Whether we use them for getting to work, or to go out and socialise, they are usually an important part of helping us to complete our day. With this heavy dependence on our cars, the need for having someone to help at times where unforeseeable accidents occur is a must.

At Thomastown Locksmiths Melbourne, we pride ourselves on being able to provide those that are in, or around Thomastown with a fast, affordable automotive locksmith service.  Our services are provided all day, everyday so you never need to worry about being stranded.

You will never need to worry about waiting unreasonably long times to have your car attended to.  Nor will you need to worry about paying absurd prices for having your car looked after.  In fact, we are that confident in the services we provide that we offer a 30-day guarantee on our workmanship.

Here, at Thomastown Locksmiths Melbourne, we understand that your vehicle is important to you.  For that reason, we provide a professional automotive locksmith service to all vehicles located in, and around Thomastown.  These services include:

  • Emergency Vehicle Unlocking
  • Remove broken keys from locks and ignitions
  • Key copying
  • Replacing keys
  • Fixing ignition locks

We also have our in store service as well. We can cut and programme new car keys and remotes, repair door/ ignitions locks on your car and even make a key to your roof rack lock as well.

To find out how our Thomastown Locksmiths Melbourne team will be able to provide you with a range of automotive services, please feel free to contact us on 03 9464 0332.