BiLock Exclusive

BiLock Exclusive – The most well-known, high security Master Key System

BiLock Exclusive has made a large name for itself all over the world.  From beginnings in Australia, the company is now being implemented in some of the most secure places all over the world.  It’s possible to see this high-security master key system utilised in locations such as:

  • Large banks
  • International Sporting Competitions (Olympics)
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Military Buildings and Departments

BiLock Exclusive Overview

BiLock Exclusive remains very unique due to several factors.  The locking combinations provided by the dual key arrangement are in excess of 16.8 million combinations.  Furthermore, BiLock Exclusive is further protected by their newly implemented 14thand 15thelements.  These two new elements provide a higher level of security by incorporating two unique codes.

Identifying BiLock Exclusive

BiLock Exclusive can be easily recognised by their advanced colouring system.  Each key head has the option of having assigned to it 1 of the 22 colours. Furthermore, the other part of the key can also have a specific colour.  The total number of colour combinations means that you can have up to 8,000 different colour patterns.  This makes it great for assigning particular keys to certain locks and to be able to easily identify keys and the permission granted.

BiLock Security Specifications

BiLock Exclusive incorporates a high tensile steel anti-drill barrier.  This makes it incredibly hard for anyone to penetrate the lock through the use of a drill. Furthermore, BiLock Exclusive is protected by a 20-year patent life.

The large patent life on this product means that you won’t need to worry about replications or imitations surfacing any time soon.  BiLock Exclusive is compliant to AS4145.2.

Installation Process

At Thomastown Locksmiths, we are authorised installers of BiLock Exclusive.  This means that we can install, implement, modify and distribute their products.

Our onsite Locksmith team will be able to come out to your home or business to give you an entire quotation on implementing this amazing Master Key System.  The great thing about BiLock Exclusive is that it can be either installed new or simply retrofitted.

For more information on BiLock Exclusive and how our Thomastown onsite locksmith team can install or perform maintenance on your security system, please feel free to contact us on 03 9464 0332. You can also leave an enquiry HERE.


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