When it comes to keeping your home or business safe and secure, many people’s first thoughts turn to door locks, security cameras, and alarm systems. While these are all vital elements in boosting your home security, one important piece of the puzzle that many people can forget about is windows. And one of the best ways to keep your sliding windows secure is by installing sliding window latches.

Did you know?

Windows are one of the most commonly broken into home entrances. You can see why… for any prospective burglar, windows around the side or back of a house usually draw less attention than trying to get in through the front door and sliding windows may not have high quality locks or security cameras to discourage unwelcome visitors from attempting to enter.

So, if you have a sliding window, how can you best ensure that it is locked as securely as possible to protect you, your home, your business, your family, or your valuables?

What can be done?

One of the best and easiest methods of keeping your sliding window secure is by installing a sliding window latch. These are generally keyed, which adds further security, keeping your windows locked in place when you’re out or want them closed.

These latches allow you the peace of mind whenever you leave your home or business that your windows are locked securely, which is a high deterrent for any unwelcome intruder.

So, when you’re ready to increase your home security by adding sliding window latches to your windows, our team of Master Locksmiths at Thomastown Locksmiths are happy to help you with answering any questions as well as installing the latches for you. Your security is our number one priority, and we ensure that every job we do is to the highest standard for ultimate customer satisfaction.

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