For many owners of Mortise keys, the common issues that can arise are something they are more than aware of. This can include issues such as missing keys, damaged locks, and the expenses that accompany both of those problems. Most people in these circumstances will just call a locksmith, however, this generally costs more than the fix is really worth.

Is a Mortise Key worth replacing?

If you need a new key for your Mortise lock, installing a new lock is generally the preferred method (and it’s almost more cost-effective). While Mortise keys were popular for a period, they have since become extremely uncommon. Production of the keys has stopped and therefore any costs associated with fixing or replacing the keys/locks are continuing to rise.

At Thomastown Locksmiths, our team of Master Locksmiths recommend installing a deadbolt, which is a far more cost-effective and secure option. Deadbolts are exceptionally reliable, fairly inexpensive, and easy to use. Generally speaking, getting a deadbolt installed properly should cost around $100, and will increase your door security immediately. Furthermore, deadbolts are easily replaceable, should you need to replace it down the track, as the installation holes match a variety of different locks.

Deadbolts are also far cheaper when it comes to getting the lock rekeyed than any Mortise lock and the 25mm bolt has the added benefit of making the lock extremely secure. So, if your Mortise lock and key is functioning, Thomastown Locksmiths highly recommends putting in a deadbolt to give your door the extra security.

More information?

If you are still unsure about whether installing a deadlock is the right option for you, our mobile locksmith team are happy to assist you with your Mortise lock and keys. If you would like more information on Thomastown Locksmiths and our products, please contact one of our Master Locksmiths today on 03 9464 0332. Our mobile locksmith team are available 24/7, so whenever you need us, we’ll be there. You can also leave us an enquiry HERE.