A lot the time many renters feel helpless with their options for improving their security.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that. A lot of small (but significant) changes can be made without the need to spend any money!  For this reason, we’ve decided to put together our top renting security tips.

Renting Security Tips in Thomastown – Make your rental property more secure!

Keep your belongings hidden

Even though you may not think your belongings will attract unwanted attention, it’s very well possible that they will.  Many homes are broken into because the burglar caught sight of something that they believed to have been of value.  It’s best not to take the chance and to always remember to keep your blinds closed if you’re not home.

Get to know your neighbours

By making friends or just acquaintances with your neighbour, you’ll essentially be gaining another ally. As soon as you start making contact with your neighbours they will start to take more responsibility when it comes to advising you about suspicious behaviour near your home. 

Ask your landlord for a better lock

If your doors and windows haven’t been fitted with deadlocks, you can always request your landlord to have them installed for you.  If you let them know that it’s for safety reasons they’ll be more likely to fulfil your request.

Get a peephole!

Whilst you’re asking your landlord for some deadlocks, ask them if you can get a peephole installed also. Peepholes are a great way to know who is standing outside your door without needing to open it.  If someone suspicious is there, instead of opening the door to check you’ll be able to call the police.

Don’t forget to lock up

Although it sounds obvious, many people will leave their homes without locking everything.  Even if you think that it’s a waste of time to lock all the windows or sliding doors you should never take your safety for granted. Burglars thrive on the opportunity to find a house with an unlocked door/window.  Don’t give them the satisfaction they’re after so easily.

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