So often fire exits go completely unnoticed by others due to how accustomed we’ve become to their presence. Oftentimes, we use them as we would any other exit. Furthermore, we become lazy and have objects, furniture, or fittings blocking the door, which is highly dangerous, because fire exits save lives and it’s imperative we keep them clear.

Why Should you Keep Fire Exits Clear?

As mentioned before, fire exits save lives, and they only function properly in an emergency when completely unobstructed.  This means that everyone in the building will have the greatest chance of exiting safely, should a fire occur. Furthermore, the smoke caused by a fire may reduce visibility, making anything left around a fire exit become a tripping hazard.

Additionally, Emergency Response Teams will often use the fire exit to enter and exit the building and obstructed exits stop them from being able to perform their job fully to ensure everyone’s safety.

What can you do?

As previously mentioned, signs aren’t having high success rates in keeping the exits clear. However, one possible strategy for ensuring they remain clear is to conduct regular checks to ensure there are no obstructions. This is commonplace in many buildings but needs to be done on a regular basis.

Another strategy that may work includes setting up security cameras to monitor fire doors for any obstructions. This can also allow for the implementation of penalties for anyone who obstructs the fire exits, hopefully ensuring that people get the message quickly.

If you see an obstruction in the fire exits in your building, always remove it. Remember that fire exits save lives, so keep them clear for everyone’s sake, including your own.

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