With the high prevalence of home break-ins and burglaries that still remains in today’s society, many homeowners are looking for the best solutions to keep their home, valuables, and loved ones safe and secure. One popular method of improving home security is to install closed-circuit security cameras and television systems. However, the question remains, is this truly an effective method of improving home security? At Five Star Locksmiths – Thomastown, we understand that homeowners want to make informed decisions about their home security. So, keep reading to find out the pros and cons for you to weigh up to make a decision for yourself.

Pros of Installing an External Camera Security System

Our locksmith team want to ensure that you have taken all measures to ensure the security system that protects your home best suits your needs. Installing external cameras is an excellent way to add further security to your home to deter intruders who may see the cameras and think twice about their target, knowing they could be recorded. Some security systems even have phone monitoring applications, so you can view your camera recordings from your mobile. Some also have speakers which allow you to speak to intruders or play messages to notify them that the police have been contacted and that they are being recorded. This will ideally stop them from attempting to break in.

Cons of Installing an External Camera Security System

While the list of pros is fairly lengthy for installing an external camera security system, the cons are actually fairly short. One of the major drawbacks is typically the cost. Generally, installing a quality external camera security system may be quite costly. They’re also subject to tampering if not installed correctly. Cost over quality can be an issue too if you opt for cheaper, lower quality camera systems which may not be able to get quality images, especially at night.

Want some more information?

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