I’ve broken my key in the lock! Help! Somehow, this always happens when you’re in a rush, or you need to be somewhere or do something, and all of a sudden… snap! You’re holding the end half of your broken key. After that initial sigh of frustration… we all think the same thing…”Now what?”

After niggling at the stuck half of the key for as long as you can with anything pointy that you can find… you come to the realisation that it’s not budging and you’ve likely damaged the lock in the process.

Only after this whole process has happened, do we finally get a call about the broken key (and now) broken lock. A lot of skill and training are required to remove a broken key, as well as specialist tools. So if you plan on trying to remove it yourself, know that it could come with a hefty price tag.

So what should you do when you’ve broken your key in the lock?

Call a local locksmith… Straight Away!

Calling your local locksmith to do the job correctly will save you time and money down the track. If you try to get the key out yourself, you’ll more than likely damage the mechanisms inside. We know… we see it all the time. People will use anything from hairpins to cutlery to try and get their key out of the lock. The quickest and best solution is simply to call your locksmith straight away.

If you suddenly find your key stuck in your lock and need assistance, please call Thomastown Locksmiths on 03 9464 0332.  Our trained locksmiths will solve your problem as fast as possible.   And just remember – by acting fast and calling a professional locksmith to resolve the problem for you, you could save yourself lots in lock repair fees.  A lot of people that try to get the key out for themselves quite often set themselves up for an expensive journey.

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