In order to find a secure way to lock a gate, a number of factors must first be considered. In most cases, people will simply use a chain and padlock to lock a gate, and while this is usually successful in keeping the gate locked, it is not the most secure method available.

The need for a lock system that is high quality is mostly dependent on what the lock is being used to protect. At Five Star Locksmiths, we have found that one of the most secure ways to lock a gate is to use the Abus Hasp, as well as a high quality padlock.

What is the Abus Hasp?

The Abus Hasp is an extremely high quality, and durable hasp that secures your gate and chain mesh. The curved design of the Abus Hasp allows it to perfectly suit almost any gate. It is such a secure way to lock a gate due to the hardened German steel of which is it crafted, making it a very difficult task to break through the hasp.

Why is the Abus Hasp is a secure way to lock a gate?

Using the Abus Hasp to lock a gate means you won’t have to mess around with a chain. Instead, you can easily fit the hasp around the two points where the gates will join, place the high-quality padlock, and you’re *click* it’s securely locked. What’s more, the padlock shackle will be somewhat hidden by the hasp, adding further difficulty for someone to attempt to open the padlock.

Lastly, the hasp comes with an Eterna™ coating. This offers excellent protection against corrosion during even the grimmest weather. The hardened German steel as mentioned previously has rolled edges, making it a secure way to lock a gate due to the difficulty involved to attempt to cut through the hasp.

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