For many individuals, especially those living in apartments or in shared living arrangements, getting approval and installing your own home security systems can be a challenge. However, one of the best and easiest methods you can implement to increase the security of your home and all your valuables and loved ones inside is to install a Door View (Peep Hole).

How does installing a Door View (Peep Hole) improve your home security?

While a more secure option may be to install a security camera, this may not get approval in apartment buildings. Therefore, getting a door view installed is the next best way to see who is outside your door before inviting them into your home, and making your home vulnerable to a break-in. In most cases, door view lenses are ‘fish-eye’ lenses, which give a wider view for those on the inside looking out and marred view for those on the outside looking in.

However, the trusty old door view doesn’t just stop there. With today’s technological advancements, digital door views have grown in popularity. Digital door views essentially have a small camera that link to a screen on your tv, phone, or another device, and allow you to see who’s at the door without even getting up. This is often a great way for elderly people or those with poor vision who may be unable to see through a door view properly to improve their security.

While door views certainly are not the only security system you should have installed, they are a simple, cost-effective, and generally easily approved method of improving your home security while you’re home. The ability to see who is at the door before communicating with them or opening the door could give you the extra time you need to call the police or do what you can to prevent a break in.

Need more info?

At Five Star Locksmiths – Thomastown, we recommend getting a professional to install your door view for you to save you the time and hassle (as well as any potential costly damages). We are happy to chat with you about how we can assist you in installing the security systems to meet your needs to keep your home as secure as possible. Give us a call today on 03 9464 0332.